BP: Maryland, Washington Could Overturn Gay Marriage


The Baptist Press:

Gay marriage laws in Washington state and Maryland are in danger of being overturned by voters, according to new polls that were released after traditional groups went on the air with television ads warning of the consequences of marriage redefinition.

Both new polls show traditional groups making up significant ground in the span of a few weeks.

In Washington state, Referendum 74 to legalize gay marriage is too close to call, with supporters of R-74 leading 49-45 percent, according to an Elway Poll of 451 likely voters conducted Oct. 18-21. A month earlier, supporters led, 51-37 percent.

"Opposition to Referendum 74 has grown over the past month while support has stayed at virtually the same level since July," an analysis by Elway Poll said.

In Maryland the vote on Question 6 -- which would legalize gay marriage if passed -- also is a dead heat, with 47 percent of likely voters opposing it and 46 percent favoring it. The survey of 801 likely voters was conducted Oct. 20-23 by OpinionWorks for the Baltimore Sun newspaper. A month earlier, supporters of gay marriage led, 49-39 percent.

Both states saw Democratic legislators and governors pass gay marriage laws this year, only to have citizens gather signatures to overturn them at the ballot. Neither law has taken effect.

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