Brian Brown Defends Marriage in Minnesota!


The South Washington County Bulletin published an early report of our President Brian Brown debating marriage yesterday with Episcopalian Bishop Gene Robinson.

The event was hosted in front of an audience of over 350 and broadcast via MNPR to tens of thousands of Minnesotans:

Minnesota’s hottest election topic continues to get hotter as Election Day nears.

Whether to amend the state Constitution to ban same-sex marriage has generated the most debate and most money this election season, and a Thursday night debate did nothing to pave over differences.

“What we are talking about is marriage, just marriage,” Episcopalian Bishop Gene Robinson said.

But supporters of the proposed amendment said that having same-sex parents is not good for children.

“Children deserve having both a mother and a father,” President Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage said.

The debate about a subject that polls show nearly evenly divides Minnesotans was organized by Minnesota Public Radio and moderated by talk show host Kerri Miller in front of 365 people and a statewide radio audience.

... Brown said the overwhelming majority of clergy support a marriage only of a man and a woman.

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