How Badly do you Want to Win this Thing?


National Organization for Marriage

Marriage Supporter,

How badly do you want to win this thing?

If enough Christians, marriage supporters, and people of faith get to the polls, we'll achieve a historic victory on Tuesday.

But if we don't turn out the vote, God's definition of marriage will be discarded like an outdated institution. Gay marriage activists, out-of-touch politicians, and Hollywood celebrities like Brad Pitt will impose "one man and one man" marriage on all of us. . . . and anyone who dares disagree will be ostracized, marginalized, and threatened.

So follow this link to make an urgent donation of $50, $100, $250, or more and every dollar you give for marriage will be tripled to fund our get-out-the-vote campaign.

These final 48 hours are absolutely critical.

Just consider this latest sickening example of the abuse encountered this week by a 14-year-old girl and her church group as they held signs for marriage in one of the battleground states.

On one occasion, a middle-aged man with children in the back seat of his SUV deliberately drove up onto the sidewalk. He was dangerously near the children as he continued accelerating, plowing over 15 of our marriage signs and covering a span of more than 100 feet. The little ones were very scared.

He pulled off only to avoid hitting a telephone pole, and we saw him laughing as he sped away....

On another occasion, a car drove by and the passenger leaned out the window, exposing his private parts. I was embarrassed by this lack of decency.

We children endured people calling us names, throwing things at us and hundreds upon hundreds of people sticking up their middle fingers and screaming X-rated profanities. And they call us hateful people?

The stakes are too high. We simply cannot afford to lose.

As I write this, NOM is activating and energizing the 10 million pro-marriage voters who will determine this election with strategic voter contact, phone calls, and advertisements. Pro-marriage heroes like Sen. Marco Rubio, Dr. James Dobson and Gov. Mike Huckabee are also helping NOM's effort to uphold "one man and one woman" marriage in targeted battleground states.

Marriage Supporter, there's still time to help fund this historic get-out-the vote (GOTV) effort to stop homosexual marriage—but not much. With 48 hours to go, we're racing against the clock.

So follow this link to make an urgent donation of $50, $100, $250, or more and every dollar you give for marriage will be tripled to fund our get-out-the-vote campaign.

Remember: your contribution will mean the difference between God's definition of marriage and "one man and one man" as the law of the land.

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