The Path to Victory


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Dear Marriage Champion,

Last week, the House of Representatives took the unprecedented step of voting to redefine marriage. The homosexual activists behind House Bill 5015 do not believe that children are entitled to both a mother and a father.

But we know that marriage is about more than the wants and desires of adults; the government regulates marriage for the good of children.

Recently, a landmark study showed that children raised in a household where at least one parent engaged in a homosexual relationship fared worse on 25 out of 40 measured outcomes, and did better on virtually none. You can see the study for yourself at

Now the battle shifts to the Senate, where the fate of marriage sits on a knife's edge. Even today the Providence Journal ran the headline, "Senate Appears Divided on Same-Sex Marriage Bill." Eleven senators have co-signed a bill to redefine marriage, while eleven others have signed a resolution to send the question to the people.

Which path will the Senate choose — radically redefining marriage, or letting the citizens have their say in the matter? For us, the path is clear... and that path starts with you.

You can make the difference in preserving the vital roles of mothers and fathers, and leaving future generations of kids the best chance of being loved and cared for by both their mom and dad.

Tell the Senate to REJECT the redefinition of marriage and instead "Let the People Vote!"

Act immediately and urge the Senate to REJECT House Bill 5015 and to support Senate Resolution 96 to let the people vote on marriage.

Here are three easy steps to make a difference today:

  1. Call your State Senator right now and urge him or her to REJECT House Bill 5015 and to SUPPORT Senate Resolution 96. Click here for a telephone list of the Senators.

  2. Email each member of the Senate Judiciary Committee urging them to REJECT HB 5015 and support Senate Resolution 96. Click here to send your message right now.

  3. Ask you family and friends to join you by forwarding this email to five people.

There is a path to preserving marriage in the Ocean State, but that path starts with you taking action right now! Together, let's take this path today — to victory!

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