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National Organization for Marriage

National Organization for Marriage

2013 March for Marriage
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Dear Marriage Supporter,

With the month of March now upon us, preparations for the historic March for Marriage are kicking into high gear. [If you haven't signed up for updates about the March, be sure to do so today!]

This is an opportunity we simply can't miss, a chance to show like never before that the American people stand for marriage — stand for the rights of children to experience the love of both a mother and a father — stand for the rights of voters not to have marriage redefined against their will by out of control legislatures and activist judges.

But to make the most of this unique and critical moment in the history of marriage, we need your help right away!

Here's what you can do today to help make the March a historic success:

  • Organize a group to the March by planning a bus to Washington, D.C....

    • Create a Facebook "event" page that you and your local friends can share and invite people to join — this is a great way to begin getting people committed to joining a bus!

    • See if a local church or pro-family organization can help defray the cost of the trip, and contact the March for Marriage bus coordination team for help planning by sending an email to [email protected].

  • Mobilize and engage your local community in support of the Marriage March...

    • Post the Marriage March flier — available in English and Spanish — on a local community bulletin board and pass it out to your family and friends or at your place of worship.

    • Download more great resources from and send your friends to the page to find out more about the March and how they can participate.

  • Socialize our positive pro-family message by spreading this exciting news...

    • Post this message to Facebook, share it on Twitter, or forward it via email to your contacts.

    • Read the March for Marriage talking points so you know how to share this message in a positive and upbeat way in conversation with friends and co-workers.

The march is only a few short weeks away. Stay tuned for continuing updates at Together, we can make March 26 a historic day for marriage, showing the world — and our government leaders nationwide —that the American people believe children deserve both a mom and a dad.

Your help is crucial to the success of this important endeavor. This is our time to March for Marriage, to stand up for the rights of future generations to share in this beautiful and time-honored institution and not to have foisted on them a radically reshaped version of it. We need to stand up now — the stakes are just too high to sit on the sidelines.

With all of us doing our part, we will prevail — for marriage, for family, for God and country. Thank you for your faithful support!

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