Witch Hunt in Iowa, We Will Not Be Bowed


National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Our opponents are at it again, this time in Iowa. Those who seek to redefine God's design for marriage and eliminate our freedoms of speech and religion have filed another frivolous campaign finance complaint against NOM in an effort to distract us from the defense of marriage and to cost us precious resources in time and money as we are forced to defend these baseless charges.

The reason that our opponents file these baseless charges is that they want access to our internal list of financial supporters so they can then harass people who support true marriage. They've been demanding this confidential information for years, but nonprofit groups don't have to provide donor information to the public. The ACLU doesn't, nor does the Human Rights Campaign, yet many gay marriage activists want to subject NOM to a different set of rules.

We will not give in, and we need you to stand with us as strongly as you ever have. Please make an emergency contribution to NOM today so that we can continue to stand with you in the public square protecting marriage and our religious liberties.

You may remember, in Iowa 2010 NOM and several of our allies campaigned tirelessly against three renegade State Supreme Court Justices who had voted to redefine marriage for the entire state. With your help, our campaign to see these justices removed was a huge success — all three judges were voted out by the people, by double-digit margins.

Now a delusional gay activist who fancies himself becoming president of the United States (really!), has filed a spurious complaint against NOM in Iowa. This same activist has filed complaints in two other states — but no state has ever found that NOM was engaged in wrong-doing.

This is eerily similar to the IRS scandal in Washington, DC where the IRS illegally gave NOM's tax return with confidential donor information to homosexual marriage activists in an attempt to harass our donors and hamper our work.

NOM has violated no campaign finance rules in Iowa. Our 2010 campaign to oust the renegade justices was done within the law. So was our work in 2012 in the campaign seeking to remove an additional justice. This witch hunt is nothing more than an attempt to shut down opposition to activist judges and politicians who wish to redefine marriage, and to intimidate you and our many other supporters. In other words, this harassment is a blatant attempt to restrict the freedom of speech and religion of those who believe marriage is one man and one woman in Iowa.

Like the IRS scandal, the frivolous filing in Iowa will cost a great deal of money, time, and manpower, resources that should be dedicated to upholding God's design for marriage and family.

We cannot give in, but it will take your financial sacrifice today. The battle for marriage is on a knife's edge. NOM is working with its allies across the country in a variety of states where marriage is under attack, and we can't be distracted from these fights. We continue to work hard in Iowa so that the people have the opportunity to vote on the definition of marriage. We have no doubt that if voters are given a say, they will repeal gay 'marriage' and restore marriage to its proper formation. Please make a generous donation today so that our work can continue.

These witch hunts and scandals are weapons of our opponents. NOM has done nothing wrong in Iowa, and has been the victim of a felony crime in the IRS scandal. But we will not be bowed.

And we trust that you will not be bowed either. Please stand with NOM today in the defense of marriage by making a sacrificial gift so that we can carry on the fight despite the despicable efforts of our opponents.


Brian S. Brown

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