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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Last week I let you know about the many good things going on in the marriage battle around the country. Today I have even better news! An incredibly generous donor, who is confident in the marriage battle and our collective ability to prevail, has committed to a $1,000,000 matching gift! That's right, between now and the end of the year, every dollar you donate will be DOUBLED up to $1 million.

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Your help is needed now more than ever. We have momentum, and we have the American people — a recent Fox News poll demonstrated that 56% of Americans oppose redefining marriage. But marriage and our American way of life are still under attackā€¦ and NO state or municipality is safe!

  • In New Mexico, the State Supreme Court ruled that Christian wedding photographers and other service providers MUST compromise their faith and their first amendment rights by providing services for same-sex 'marriages.'

  • In Washington State, the State Attorney General has brought suit against a Christian florist for declining to provide flowers to such a ceremony.

  • And in Vermont, Christian bed-and-breakfast owners who chose not to host a same-sex couple's ceremony have been forced to pay a hefty fine and cease hosting any weddings, depriving them of a good part of their livelihood.

And there are countless other examples around the country. This is not the America our Founding Fathers envisioned.

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Again, in New Mexico, the outbreak of lawlessness surrounding the debate on marriage has continued, with a Dona Ana County Clerk deciding to take the law into his own hands and begin issuing illegal same-sex marriage 'licenses.'

This comes on the heels of a rogue county official in Pennsylvania who felt it was more important to 'be on the right side of history' than to uphold his oath of office and the rule of law — and in the aftermath of Governors and States' Attorneys Generals who have abandoned their sworn duties and the trust of those who elected them.

And this lawlessness goes right to the federal government, with the IRS refusing to even acknowledge that NOM was the victim of felony when someone within the IRS leaked our confidential tax return to the same-sex marriage lobbying group, Human Rights Campaign at the very time their president was a national co-chair of President Obama's reelection campaign!

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Supporter, your generous financial support is urgently needed this very minute if we are to stop the corruption that is occurring all around us and continue to fight for the truth of marriage. We've got to organize supporters to put a halt to elected officials taking the law into their own hands and imposing same-sex marriage where it is currently prohibited.

Additionally, state marriage battles across the nation are already heating up and NOM needs your help to continue standing on the front lines against the redefinition of marriage.

In particular, we are fighting furiously in the legislatures of Illinois and New Jersey to prevent a redefinition of marriage in the closing months of this year. And just this week a new fight has erupted in Hawaii, where a pro-same-sex marriage governor is threatening to call a special session to redefine marriage in the next two weeks. In each of these locales, our opponents are amassing millions of dollars to spend against us, yet we remain hopeful that gay 'marriage' can be stopped in these places.

However, the fact is that we need your sacrificial gift right now to prevail. Through God's grace, a major donor will immediately match your donation, and we can deploy those resources where they are most needed.

In Illinois, courageous black legislators and pastors worked with us to stop same-sex 'marriage' earlier this year, but in the fall we're facing a multi-million dollar campaign to overcome their resistance.

In New Jersey, Governor Christie vetoed redefining marriage, but homosexual 'marriage' activists are vowing to try to override his veto.

In Hawaii, a special session to redefine marriage is looming, and legislators who support traditional marriage say they are only hearing from people who want to impose same-sex marriage on the state. It's imperative that we work in concert with allies to help organize the grassroots to inundate lawmakers with appeals to preserve marriage as God designed it.

Finally, as we look to next year, we expect at least three and maybe as many as SIX state initiatives to be on the ballot in November 2014.

Indiana, behind the strong leadership of Governor Mike Pence, will likely have a marriage amendment before the people of the Hoosier State, while in Oregon and Ohio homosexual 'marriage' activists will attempt to overturn existing marriage amendments already passed by the people.

We know our opponents will be committing TENS of millions of dollars to these fights.

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I won't lie to you. We have a lot of work cut out for us, and we'll need as many resources as we can muster to succeed. Sometimes I feel like the Israelites from the Old Testament, when their rag tag army was arrayed against the vast power of the Philistines and their giant warrior, Goliath. Of course we know how that confrontation ended, and we can win a similar victory for marriage if only you will help us fill our pouch with stones. That's why it's so crucial to take advantage of this very special opportunity between now and the end of the year, as a generous donor who believes we'll deliver a victory for the truth of marriage and is inviting you to join us in the battle.

Please make a sacrificial gift today knowing that every dollar you can spare will be DOUBLED.

And please forward this email, or share it on Facebook and Twitter, to as many family and friends as possible. Ask them to join you and our generous benefactor in this special opportunity to double your money for marriage.


Brian S. Brown

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