Gov. Martinez: County Clerks Do Not Have Authority to Make Decisions on Marriage


New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez finally reacted to the lawless behavior of County Clerks in New Mexico.  She'd doesn't think clerks have the authority to interpret the law; that should be left to the judges.  However, she does not need to wait on the Judiciary.  As California Attorney General stated, local officials are accountable to the top executive officials in the state.   Click here to send Governor Martinez an urgent message asking her to intervene to stop the lawlessness.

Gov. Martinez

Contact Gov. Martinez to THANK her for her strong support of marriage and continue to urge her to intervene so the rule of law and the rightful definition of marriage in New Mexico can be restored.

Last Thursday, more than two dozen New Mexico legislators signed on to a lawsuit to stop the lawless County Clerk in Dona Ana County. However, the governor has still not signed on, so let's keep the pressure.

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