Keep Up the Good Work


National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

You may have heard media reports in the past week that the sponsors of the same-sex 'marriage' bill are reconsidering their strategy of calling the bill for a vote during the veto session this fall. This is good news, but we can't let up yet.

It means that your efforts — the emails, the calls, and the in-person visits to legislators — are making a difference.

If those who would redefine marriage had the votes to push through their bill, they would not be equivocating about calling the vote this fall. Despite all their money and big names, they have not yet been able to overcome the voice of the people.

However, we can't stop yet. We must keep the pressure on legislators so there can be no doubt in their minds that the people of Illinois do not want marriage redefined. Keep calling — keep writing — keep visiting — and get your family and friends to do the same.

And don't forget the Illinois Family Institute's lobbying day on Wednesday October 23. This will be a crucial opportunity for true marriage champions to join together in Springfield — before the Legislature and before the media — to take a stand for marriage.

The only way we will defeat the special interest groups with their multi-million dollar campaign and high-profile lobbyists is if we continue to stand together and make our voices heard. And so far so good — let's keep up the good work.

Finally, if you are able, please consider a generous donation to the National Organization for Marriage today.

It's a great time make a contribution because your gift will be doubled dollar-for-dollar in our $1 million matching campaign. NOM relies on gifts from people just like you to multiply your voices in the halls of power. Whether it be telephone calls to constituents, advertisements, or organizing rallies and marches — just to name a few — it is only through the generous contributions of marriage champions from across the country that NOM is able to help you make your voice heard.

We're making progress in Illinois. Your voices have given our opponents pause and caused them to begin reconsidering their strategy. But the situation in Springfield is still fluid and we can't afford to let up now. Let's continue to stand together to protect marriage in Illinois.

Faithfully yours,

Brian S. Brown

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