Military Chaplaincy Remains a Major Front in Battle Over Marriage


Yesterday, fromĀ Deseret News, a story about the continuing battle surrounding our military's chaplain services in the wake of the Supreme Court's fateful DOMA decision this past June:

The Catholic Church has joined Southern Baptists in directing its military chaplains not to witness or bless same-sex marriages nor offer marriage counseling to gay couples.

The rules issued last week by the Archdiocese of Military Services also prohibit chaplains from acknowledging a spouse of the same gender at a retirement or promotion ceremony, or from assisting at a funeral if it would "give the impression that the Church approves of same-sex 'marital' relationships."

The guidelines also give direction on how to comply with implementing federal employee benefits for same-sex couples under their command.

You can read more here.

Unfortunately, we know that these challenges for our chaplains will only continue unless Congress acts decisively either to pass aggressive and sweeping conscience protection legislation or to undo the Court's strike against DOMA by passing a Federal Marriage Protection Amendment.

In the meantime, please join us in praying for our brave men and women in uniform and the chaplains who serve them.

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