Maggie in Providence: Dr. J's Testimony


Dr. Morse is testifying now: "Redefining marriage redefines parenthood. The legal presumption of paternity are presumed to be the child of her husband. Marriage equality requires a change from the presumption of paternity to the gender-neutral presumption of parenthood."

She continues: "Are you really prepared to accept responsibility for detaching legal parenthood from biology? Are you ready for three or four legal parents? Are you ready for contract parenting? That is what's coming...

If will take at least 30 years to see the impact of redefining marriage just as it has taken a full generation to see the impact of no-fault divorce."

She goes on to highlight the "pettiness" of gay couples suing wedding photographers: "As if you have a right to have your picture taken by the photographer of your choice."  Good line.

She ends with "Stay strong - you have history on your side!"

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