John Thune's Speech at CPAC


Here's the sum total of what Sen. John Thune, a strong pro-life and pro-marriage vote, said about social conservative issues at CPAC:

"My grandfather had three sons, including my father. And he instilled in his boys Midwestern values that my parents, in turn, passed along to me and to my four siblings:

They taught us to live within our means, even if it means going without.

They taught us to help our neighbor and to serve our community, to work hard and to pull our own weight.

They taught us about the importance of family and the value of life.

And they taught us to appreciate our freedom and our liberty - gifts that come from being fortunate enough to live in the greatest nation on earth."

Grading John Thune's speech

On Life: C+
On Marriage: D+
On Social Conservatism: D+

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