FROM NOM'S NATIONAL NEWSLETTER: Virginia Governor to Block Mandate Requiring Agencies to do Gay Adoptions


Another great victory is looming in Virginia, thanks to you and your help!

The Democratic administration of Tim Kaine left a little time bomb in the making for incoming Gov. Bob McDonnell, in the form of new regulations which would require all adoption and foster care agencies to do gay adoptions. The gay blogs flipped when we dubbed this the "mandatory gay adoption" regs, but that is just what they are. Sometimes the truth hurts!

The new regs were proposed in the final weeks of the Kaine administration, hurriedly approved without publicity by the outgoing attorney general. Ostensibly designed to prevent "discrimination" against gay people in adoption, these mean-spirited regs would have actually driven religious adoption agencies out of business, by withholding licenses to agencies which refuse to do same-sex couple adoptions. (In a companion absurdity, it would also ban any kind of preference for married couples by banning "discrimination" based on "family status.")

We sent out two action alerts—with just hours to go, hundreds of you responded to our call to oppose the regulations on the public comment page. With just three or four hours to respond, before comments closed, the number of public comments opposing the regs jumped from less than 100 to close to a thousand. Way to go, and thank you!

A second action alert called on Gov. Bob McDonnell to block these regulations.

And this morning we heard from the Washington Times that McDonnell''s office has confirmed that he will block the regulations.

Thank you! You speak, and the powerful listen!

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