NOM Election Watch 2010: Will Hawaii Return a Pro-Marriage Republican Next Week?


On May 18, Hawaiian voters will participate in a special election in the First Congressional district. In fact they are already participating--28 percent of ballots mailed out have been returned, and voters can keep voting by mail until May 22.  Two Democratic candidates who are openly gay marriage are running against a pro-marriage Republican, Charles Djou.

Obama robocalled Democratic voters urging them to vote for a Democrat.  But to no avail.  The Democratic party just announced that after spending $300,000 in negative ads to attack Djou, it's now pulling out of the race--no doubt because Djou's lead in the polls continues to widen.   Wow.  Will another deep blue state follow Massachusetts lead and return a pro-gay marriage Republican?

Djou supports Hawaii's marriage amendment and says he will vote to uphold DOMA.

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