Maggie's Column: Can Jon Hunstman Step Into Mitch Daniels' Shoes?


NOM Chairman Maggie Gallagher's latest column:

With Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels out of the race, is a Huntsman boomlet brewing? There is no shortage of voices willing to say so, including Jon Huntsman.

"I think the opening is to our advantage," the former Utah governor told Politico. "How many reform-minded governors are there left who are going to take a very fiscally conservative approach to problem-solving?"

Daniels had a strong appeal to fiscal conservatives, but his "truce talk" added a special appeal to that subset of fiscal conservatives actively motivated to stick it to social conservatives. Many mavericky McCain campaign aides are now drifting off in Huntsman's direction.

... But Huntsman has even bigger problems with other factions in the GOP.

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