GetReligion on NY Daily News "Demonizing the Opposition" to SSM


We couldn't take the recent NY Daily News hit piece on protectors of marriage seriously enough to respond, but Mollie at Get Religion points out some of the obvious ironies in it:

You know a story is going to be bad when the headline is “National Organization for Marriage crusading against gay nuptials in NY.” Crusading! Hide your kids! Hide your wife!

But the headline to this New York Daily News article by Douglas Feiden might actually be the highlight. It quickly goes downhill from there. Take the lede (please!):

A shadowy group run by religious fundamentalists is bankrolling a pitched crusade against same-sex marriage in New York.

Um, yeah. So, uh, yeah. Not really sure what to say about this. This article might seem like an Onion-like satire of how unfair the mainstream media regularly is when discussing support of traditional marriage. But it’s not. It really ran in the New York Daily News. Just like that.

The article claims that the National Organization for Marriage works to keep its donor lists secret. I don’t know why, although this article might ironically suggest an answer.

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