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HRC Mailer Credits NOM with Bringing Down Dems

With the headline: “HRC Blames Prop 8 Trial Ruling, NOM for Possible Democratic Loss of Congress” the pro-homosexual marriage blog LGBT POV attacks a recent fundraising mailer sent out by the pro-gay behemoth Human Rights Campaign (HRC).  The mailer says that Judge Vaughn Walker's decision overturning Prop8 may help the National Organization for Marriage bring down pro-same sex pols at the ballot box this November!

Gee, thanks Joe Solmonese!!

Read more here from the LGBT POV blog on the HRC fundraising letter.

Pro-Marriage Kelly Ayotte Takes Lead in NH Senate Race

The people know what they want and the message is clear: Marriage can only be between one man and one woman.  Rasmussen’s first post-primary poll shows prolife, pro-marriage candidate Kelly Ayotte taking a strong lead over the Dem Pro-SSM nominee Paul Hodes, 51 percent to 44 percent.

Read more.

Why It's a Bad Idea to Have a Baby with Some Dude you Met on Craigslist

And also how courts are bending over backwards to deny natural fathers rights if it interferes with lesbians moms’ wishes.

From ABC News:

Karen B., a Los Angeles writer in her 40s, found a sperm donor on Craigslist when [she] decided to have a baby that she would later raise with her lesbian partner.

"I tried every male friend, gay, straight, married and single, but it was really difficult to find somebody," said Karen. "I was running out of options and my biological clock was ticking."

After connecting on the Internet, she and the donor, Daniel C., signed a layman's agreement that the child would live with Karen and she would make all parenting decisions. He would have some visitation rights.

"I always wanted the baby to know the father," said Karen, who had originally intended to use a family friend's sperm until she discovered he was HIV positive.

But as the pregnancy progressed, Daniel interjected himself into the couple's life, telling the doctor he was Karen's husband, even though he was gay.

After the birth, Daniel insisted Karen get a passport for the boy, so he could visit his native Brazil. When she refused, Daniel sued her for joint legal and physical custody... The courts eventually ruled in favor of Karen, allowing the sperm donor to visit twice a month, but Daniel's involvement in her son's life has continued to be problematic...

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ElectionWatch2010: New NOM Poll Shows Marriage Could Swing Elections in Minnesota

A new NOM poll released by the Minnesota Family Policy Council shows that gay marriage could be the issue that swings the elections this fall in Minnesota. Here's the Star Tribune's story:

The Minnesota Family Council said a recent poll commissioned by same-sex marriage opponents shows that Emmer is the choice of 42 percent of likely voters and DFL candidate Mark Dayton wins 39 percent when the voters are told that Dayton supports same-sex marriage and Emmer does not.

Absent that information, the poll showed Dayton beating Emmer 42 percent to 33 percent.

Independence Party candidate Tom Horner won 9 percent of the vote when people were told that he supported same-sex marriage, and 12 percent when not told.

The poll, commissioned by the National Organization for Marriage and conducted by Lawrence Research in California, had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.8 percentage points. The poll was based on 695 telephone interviews with likely voters, and the results were weighted by party preference and age.

When respondents also were told that Emmer favored allowing a vote on same-sex marriage, his margin over Dayton grew to 42-36.

ElectionWatch 2010: Poll Shock. O’Donnell Surging in Delaware Senate Primary

A new poll shows one-time dark horse Christine O'Donnell--strongly pro-life and pro-marriage--ahead of establishment moderate GOP Rep. Mike Castle.

Will the GOP leadership get the message?

Iowa Judges Battle Heats Up: Sandra Day O'Connor Enters the Fray

Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has raised the profile of the battle to unseat three Iowa judges by rushing to their defense.

O’Connor was appointed by Reagan as the first female supreme court justice but ended up as the moderate swing vote on abortion and related social issues. Her decision to enter the fray is a strong signal the campaign against the judges is gaining ground. Read more.

New Poll: Elites Out of Touch on SSM

Frank Cannon, a political consultant, explains in Politico just how out of touch Republican elites are on marriage. John McCain, while running for president, sought to minimize the social issues--and lost under the guidance of pro-gay marriage Republican consultant Steve Schmidt.  Now, in a race for his life in Arizona, he ran a totally different campaign--and won.  Will the elites learn? Read, enjoy:

LA Times to Jerry Brown and Gov. Schwarzenegger: Do Your Job, Defend Prop 8

The LA Times, of all places, editorializes: "California's top public lawyer and its chief executive have an obligation to defend the laws of the state whether they like them or not, and that includes Proposition 8."  Gov. Schwarzenegger and AG Jerry Brown: Do your job. Defend Prop 8.  Read more.

700 Club Reports on NOM’s Summer for Marriage Tour

CBN’s 700 Club profiles NOM’s Summer for Marriage RV Tour, as the marriage debate heats up in Iowa.

Dr. Morse on “What Judge Walker Didn’t Talk About”

Over at the Ruth Institute blog, Dr. J points out “the dog that didn’t bark” -- glaring omissions in Judge Walker’s Prop 8 ruling that Chuck Cooper nailed him on in the petition for a stay at the 9th Circuit.

Sherlock Holmes once famously said, “Watson, I call to your attention the curious fact of the dog barking in the night.” “But Holmes, there was no dog barking in the night.” “That is the curious fact.”

It is a curious fact that Judge Walker did not discuss any of the previous cases that deal with the constitutional questions before him. Chuck Cooper puts it this way, in his Emergency Motion seeking a stay of Judge Walker’s judgement invalidating Prop 8:  “Given that the district court did not cite a single case that had addressed these issues, one might think the court was deciding issues of first impression on a blank slate. Nothing could be further from the truth. . . .”

Read more.

Former RNC Member Drew McKissick takes on Judge Walker’s Prop 8 Ruling

Not every former RNC member is like Ken Mehlman. Political strategist Drew McKissick takes on the outrage that is Judge Walker's tyranny:

Judges, Marriage and Self-Government

In referring to our form of government, Alexander Hamilton once said, “Here sir, the people govern”.  But given the actions of some of the more arrogant members of our judiciary, there seems to be room for doubt.

In 2000, the people of California approved a statewide referendum defining marriage in that state as the union of one man and one woman, but in 2008 their state supreme court threw out that law (by a four to three vote of the court). So in November, 2008 voters approved a state constitutional amendment to overturn their supreme court’s decision and again take control of the definition of marriage in their state, just as voters in over thirty states have done.

It has been a mass expression of sovereign will on a single subject unlike few (if any) others in our nation’s history – and one at which activists judges continue to thumb their noses.

A few weeks ago, federal district Judge Vaughan Walker gave us the latest example of contempt for popular sovereignty by overturning California’s state constitutional amendment.  It’s only the latest round of what has been an ongoing battle with activist judges.

The problem is that we have too few real judges in our country, and far too many would-be judicial oligarchs who see themselves as the “supreme” branch of our government, rather than just one of three.  It’s the product of a philosophy that sees our constitutional structure as an eighteenth century anachronism, rather than the law of the land.

Jefferson once noted, the Constitution “is a mere thing of wax in the hands of the judiciary which they may twist and shape into any form they please.”  And so they have.

Read more.

Law Profs Amar and Brownstein: Prop 8 Supporters Have Better Arguments on Standing

Two liberal law professors from UC-Davis School of Law take a look at preliminary briefs filed on the "standing issue" by Chuck Cooper (lawyer for Prop 8) and San Francisco.  So far, they say, San Francisco is losing.

National Review: The Case for Marriage

This is the best single piece I have read on the subject. National Review nails the argument. Same-sex marriage represents the end of marriage as we knew it – a social institution, rooted in human nature, and designed to deal with the core reality that sex between men and women makes babies. SSM creates a new vision of marriage, which is about adults’ needs for intimacy and caretaking, and which is dedicated to the proposition that the ancient and honorable idea of matrimony is irrational bigotry.  Facing significant pressures -- internal psychological but also external in terms of threats to careers that are silencing many -- elites are now conspiring to persuade themselves that there is no justification for our whole marriage tradition. It is not true. It is therefore wrong. And it will do damage.

- Maggie

SF Bar Association Castigates LA Times: Don't Report Judge Walker's Orientation

The LA Times, along with Fox News, ABC News and others, has mentioned that Judge Walker is a gay man.  The story was first reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, who described it as an "open secret" – apparently in the San Francisco gay community, as to the rest of the world it was not known.  Apparently the San Francisco Bar Association is having second thoughts, weirdly castigating the LA Times for reporting on Judge Walker's background.

Our view:  Judge Walker was ruling on rights that potentially affect him potentially personally, financially. The litigants were entitled to know, and he ought to have let them know.

More importantly, if the press is going to widely portray Judge Walker as a Reagan conservative, it is certainly relevant to evaluating his ruling that he is also a gay man living in San Francisco. People will make different judgments about its relevance.  But the American people are entitled to know the facts.

Read the letter to the LA Times from SF Bar President Arturo Gonzalez.

HUGE Rally in Sacramento "against Gay Marriage, Abortion"

The Mercury News reports that thousands rallied to oppose SSM and abortion in Sacramento on Saturday. This YouTube video shows the huge turnout.