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Manhattan Declaration Files Pro-DOMA Amicus Brief On Behalf of 500,000+ Members

The Manhattan Declaration:

Male-Female marriage received a vigorous defense Monday in a case before the U.S. Supreme Court. The Manhattan Declaration, Inc., the voice of more than 500,000 Orthodox, Catholic, and Evangelical Christians filed a friend of the court (Amicus) brief. The foundational document of this organization, which has gained over half-a-million signatures, addresses religious liberty, sanctity of life and traditional marriage.
"Natural law, the nature of the human person, and common sense provide ample reason to preserve marriage as it has always been understood." Explained John Mauck, the Chicago attorney with the firm of Mauck & Baker, who submitted the brief on behalf of the Manhattan Declaration...

View the entire press release here.

100 Pastors Vow to Fight SSM in Illinois

The Illinois Review:

Over 100 Chicago area pastors vowed to fight back against the effort to legalize same sex marriages Thursday morning at an informational forum sponsored by Illinois Family Institute at the Tinley Park Convention Center in the southwest suburbs.

IFI's Executive Director David Smith and Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Joseph LaRue told the pastors representing black, Latino and mixed congregations that the legislation is more expansive than simply allowing two persons of the same sex to legally marry. Rep. Greg Harris' new proposal would also require any church that opens its doors to outside organizations to rent to same sex couples, as well.

"If this bill passes, they have graciously decided to give you what the First Amendment says, and what the courts have said, that you don't have to marry anybody you don't want to, isn't that nice of them?" LaRue said. "But here's what does happen to you - If you let outside groups use your church facility, if you rent your church facilities to the Boy Scouts or Al Anon or whatever it may be... if you open your church building to outsiders, then you have to open it up to everybody, and it doesn't matter what you believe about it.  That's what the law says."

DON'T LET UP! Keep up the Phone Calls to Protect Marriage!

National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Three weeks ago, your phone calls and emails shook the Illinois political world, blocking what many considered an "inevitable" bill to pass same-sex marriage in the lame duck session.

Gay marriage supporters had counted on the lame duck session to persuade outgoing lawmakers to take a "tough vote" for same-sex marriage. But they ran into Illinois voters along the way.

It was a tremendous victory, but our work is far from done...

When the newly elected legislature took office on January 10th, Democrats increased their majorities in both houses, and immediately introduced a new same-sex marriage bill. Senate President John Cullerton has told the press that he expects to bring the bill to a vote early in the session, perhaps as early as the next couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, the pressure from powerful elites keeps mounting, as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, to GOP Chairman Pat Brady, and even President Obama himself continue pressing lawmakers to approve the measure that would redefine marriage and jeopardize the rights of religious believers across the state.

We have to keep the pressure up!

I need you to do three things immediately:

  1. Contact your state senator and representative today! Use this link to send an email to your elected officials, or better still, click here to look up their phone numbers and make a personal phone call to let your senator and representative know: Don't redefine our only civil institution that connects children with parents — marriage matters!

    Please take action right now. It only takes a minute to send your lawmakers a message, and it is vitally important that they hear your voice today.

  2. Tell the Illinois Republican Party it's time for a new chairman! Republicans throughout the state are outraged that party chairman Pat Brady would openly reject the Republican Party platform, and the values of tens of thousands of Illinois Republicans, on an issue as important as marriage. Use this link to send a message to the state GOP, urging Pat Brady to resign as the leader of Illinois Republicans.

  3. Finally, forward this email to friends and family throughout the state, or use the buttons below to share on Facebook and Twitter. It's going to take thousands of Illinoisans working together to protect marriage in Illinois.Help spread the word today!

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I know I can count on you to help. Thank you!

Tax Expert Says U.S. Tax Code Sending a Message: Don't Be Married

The fiscal cliff deal signed by President Obama earlier this month comes down especially hard on married individuals, many of whom were already penalized by the Affordable Care Act:

It pays to be single -- that is, when it comes to high earners' tax bills.

U.S. taxpayers with income of more than $200,000 a year will see federal tax rates rise this year on wages and investments. Tax increases will pinch married couples faster than individuals, especially if both spouses work and have capital gains and dividend income, said Joseph Perry, partner- in-charge of tax and business services at the accounting firm Marcum LLP.

In the law passed by Congress Jan. 1, multiple thresholds for higher rates kick in for married couples only $50,000 above where they hit for singles. Married taxpayers with income of at least $300,000 also face limits on the value of deductions and personal exemptions that were reinstated for 2013.

"If they're sending a message, it's not to be married," Perry said of U.S. tax policy. "People who are married, working, earning two good salaries, are being penalized."

The budget deal struck by Congress and new taxes stemming from the 2010 health-care law are exacerbating the long- established marriage penalty for high earners. The added bite will affect taxes they pay for 2013, and not the current filing season that starts this month. (Bloomberg)

Italian Bishop Confined to Home by Gay Marriage Demonstration


An Italian archbishop has revealed that he was confined to his home, forced to remain inside his “besieged” residence, when homosexual activists staged a protest there earlier this month, and warned that gay-rights campaigners aim to prosecute all who oppose their agenda.

... Archbishop Crepaldi said that the protest was organized against him because of “the false and very grave accusation of being intolerant and racist.” He said that gay-rights activists are determined to gain approval for same-sex marriage, and toward that end will accuse all opponents of “homophobia.”

The archbishop warned that the goal of the demonstrators was to define “homophobia” as a crime, in order for “those who say publicly--as the Catholic Church has always done--that the real family is only that founded on marriage between a man and a woman, to be declared homophobic, intolerant, racist, and therefore, subject to criminal prosecution.”

VICTORY: Wyoming Defeats SSM Push!


THANK YOU to our supporters in Wyoming who took action last week and thereby helped defeat a bill to redefine marriage by a close 5-4 vote in committee.

The media is attempting to divert attention away from this victory for marriage supporters and instead focus on a domestic partnership bill which is now being considered in the Wyoming House.

Thank you, Wyoming, for standing up to protect marriage!

TAKE ACTION! Demand Your Right to Vote on Marriage!

National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

The Indiana Marriage Amendment was passed on a bi-partisan basis by the legislature in 2011, and needs to be approved just one more time before being referred to voters in 2014.

But our legislators in Indiana need some extra encouragement, so I need you to stand up today and tell them that the people of Indiana have a right to vote on marriage because we care about protecting it for future generations!

Around the country, we have seen same-sex marriage activists trying to engage elitist judges and legislators to circumvent the will of the people and the democratic process and derail attempts to allow popular votes on marriage.

And in Indiana, gay marriage lobbyists and their allies in the media are once again ramping up their campaigns of disinformation by attempting to persuade House and Senate leadership to postpone a vote on the measure.

The amendment stands a very good chance of passing if brought to a vote, but legislators like Senate President Pro Tem David Long (R-Fort Wayne) aren’t being forthright about whether they will bring the issue up for a vote.

Marriage supporter, we need to hold our representatives accountable!

I need you to do three things right away — each of which will only take a few minutes:

  1. Click here to send an email to your state legislators, urging them to support the Indiana Marriage Amendment. A copy of your letter will also be sent to Senate President David Long and House Speaker Brian Bosma.
  2. Phone the following key legislators and tell them to support the Marriage Amendment:
  3. David Long (R) Senate President Pro Tem: 317-232-9400
    Brian Bosma (R) Speaker of the House: 317-232-9677
    Brandt Hershman (R) Senate Majority Leader: 317-232-9840
    William Friend (R) House Majority Leader: 800-382-9841


    You can also click here to find your local legislators and give them a call, too.

  4. Forward this email to friends and family throughout the state, or use the buttons below to share on Facebook and Twitter. (We need a groundswell of public support to make sure legislators know their constituents stand firmly on the side of marriage!)

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Marriage is the beautiful and sacred union of a man and a woman, bringing together the two halves of humanity for the benefit of children and all of society. . . and it must be protected!

It is critically important that our legislators hear from us and that they know that Hoosiers have the right to vote on a marriage amendment! Make sure that our leaders in Indianapolis understand this by taking a few moments to make your voice heard right away!

U.S. Bishops File Supreme Court Briefs Supporting DOMA, Proposition 8

Marriage Unique For a Reason Blog:

WASHINGTON—The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on January 29 filed amicus briefs in the United States Supreme Court in support of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and California’s Proposition 8, both of which  confirm the definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman.
.... Urging the Court to uphold DOMA the USCCB brief in United States v. Windsor says that “there is no fundamental right to marry a person of the same sex.” The brief also states that “as defined by courts ‘sexual orientation’ is not a classification that should trigger heightened scrutiny,” such as race or ethnicity would. 

It added that “civil recognition of same-sex relationships is not deeply rooted in the Nation’s history and tradition—quite the opposite is true. Nor can the treatment of such relationships as marriages be said to be implicit in the concept of ordered liberty, such that neither liberty nor justice would exist if they were sacrificed.”

USCCB argued that previous Supreme Court decisions “describing marriage as a fundamental right plainly contemplate the union of one man and one woman.”

The USCCB also cautioned that a decision invalidating DOMA “would have adverse consequences in other areas of law.”

... In a separate brief filed in Hollingsworth v Perry urging the Court to uphold Proposition 8, the USCCB states that there are many reasons why the state may reasonably support and encourage marriage, understood as the union of one man and one woman, as distinguished from other relationships. Government support for marriage, so understood, is “recognizing the unique capacity of opposite-sex couples to procreate” and “the unique value to children of being raised by their mother and father together.”

What is Marriage? Authors: Why the Conjugal View Can Prevail

Authors of What is Marriage? One Man, One Woman: A Defense (which you can purchase here) write in the most recent print edition of National Review:

In our new book What Is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense, we make a rational case for the historic understanding of marriage as a conjugal relationship — a union of a man and a woman at every level (mind, heart, andbody), inherently oriented to family life. We show how the common good depends on enshrining this view in law, and answer all the most significant criticisms of this view (having to do with equality, freedom, neutrality, interracial marriage, infertile couples, and much more). We show how the argument for redefining marriage contradicts itself, and document the many ways that embracing it would harm the common good. And we show how society can support marriage without ignoring the needs, undermining the dignity, or curbing the fulfillment of people with same-sex attractions.

Here, we respond to some challenges that even those sympathetic to our views might raise: Why worry about same-sex marriage in particular? Why worry about marriage policy? If marriage policy does matter, why not “broaden the definition” of marriage to promote family values? How would recognizing same-sex relationships as marriages harm marriage? Isn’t ours a losing cause, or at best a secondary one? And why privilege anyone’s sectarian values at all — doesn’t that compromise freedom and equality? We address each of these questions in turn.

Abp. Cordileone: Fighting for Marriage is Our Way of Loving God

Archbishop Cordileone, chairman of the Subcommittee for the Promotion and Defense of Marriage for the U.S. bishops, talks about the spiritual dimension of suffering persecution to stand up for marriage, in answer to a British journalist explaining that she was intimidated about sharing her pro-marriage convictions in a TV debate:

"...I admit that I didn’t step up to the plate when Channel 4 invited me on live television to debate gay marriage, because I didn’t want to become a hate figure. I feared my career would suffer and I wouldn’t be able to pay my rent. The archbishop sighs and responds: “You say that you can’t debate it without suffering for your beliefs, so who is being discriminated against? Who is being intolerant? It is the secular orthodoxy that allows no dissent and will punish those who do.”

When I concede that I feel like a coward for passing up the opportunity to argue the case for marriage on television, Archbishop Cordileone says: “It’s a lot easier for us priests to speak out. Fellow clergy are not going to marginalise us. And we’re not going to be passed up for a promotion or lose our jobs!”

While speaking out may be less daunting for priests, he encourages lay people to embrace the challenge, which for us in Britain means actively opposing the forthcoming gay marriage Bill. Archbishop Cordileone urges us to see it as a way of winning grace. “Fighting for marriage is our way of loving God, and the struggle is the particular gift that God has given our generation. This is our particular trial, and by overcoming it we may achieve spiritual greatness. It will entail suffering if we are to oppose gay marriage, something which poses such destruction to the understanding of natural marriage, which is a child-oriented institution.” (UK Catholic Herald)

Canadian Court: Marriage is Different From Cohabitation

Institute of Marriage and Family Canada:

Today the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that Quebec can exclude cohabiting couples from receiving spousal support in the event of relationship breakdown.

The Institute of Marriage and Family Canada applauds this decision because it accurately reflects the fact that social science research shows marriage to be substantively different from living common law.

“There is great consensus from social scientists, no matter their political stripe, that marriage is different from living together,” says IMFC Manager of Research Andrea Mrozek. “Unfortunately, the statistical reality is that people living together break up more readily – even if they do eventually wed. They are more likely to have multiple partners. Their children face more problems – higher rates of school dropout, more drug use and an earlier age of sexual initiation. And single parents – typically mothers – are more likely to be poor. These are some of the harsh statistical realities of living together versus getting married, and it is wise to acknowledge this difference,” says Mrozek.

Marriage protects against poverty and remains the most stable manner in which to raise children. Some researchers have even identified that a new class division is emerging along married versus unmarried lines. This is the message of author Kay Hymowitz’s book, Marriage and Caste in America.

Steven Crowder: 5 Reasons for Men to Grow Up and Get Married

Comedian Steven Crowder writes humorously (and scientifically!) about why men benefit from marrying women:

I just want to say, flat out…

… Marriage is a really good deal.

Let’s assume for a second that you don’t think of humans as inherently spiritual beings. So let’s remove the fact that married people claim to be happier, more fulfilled, complete and purposeful. Some of you are even thinking,

“Love? Who needs love!”

Okay. Here are a few purely statistical reasons as to why marriage (when done correctly) is conducive to an undeniably better life. Hold onto your butts.

1. You’ll be richer – Yes. Not only do married couples make more, save more, have a higher net worth and qualify for more benefits/financial incentives than lonely, single folk… but your kids will be richer too. Which brings me to my next point

2. Would somebody please think of the children!! – The single biggest indicator of child poverty is whether both original parents are still together. Not only that, but children in married households get better grades, are less disruptive in class and less likely to develop behavioral disorders than children from non-married households. So be married long and prosper. Your kids will too.

Read the other three reasons here!

NEW VIDEO: Marching For Marriage!

National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Not long ago, I sent you an email hinting that NOM was getting ready to launch some major initiatives. Well, after participating in the March for Life last Friday, I am excited to announce that NOM is putting together a March for Marriage!

It will take place in Washington DC on March 26th — the day the Supreme Court will be hearing oral arguments in the Proposition 8 case. You can go to and sign up for information and alerts today!

I'll be sending you more information in the days and weeks to come… but this is a pivotal moment in the marriage movement — an opportunity to show grassroots support from throughout the nation for marriage just as Proposition 8, the potential Roe v. Wade of marriage, is being considered!

Please help NOM make this march a success by making a donation of $25, $50, $100 or even $500 today to help us reach and turn out citizens just like you and me, who believe in and are willing to stand for the commonsense truth that marriage is between one man and one woman.

When I wrote you about some of NOM's plans, I was boarding a plane to go to France to spend a week in Paris, offering whatever support and advice I could to the organizers of their recent marriage rally. I had the privilege of being in that town and witness ONE MILLION people gather to tell their government: "Children have a Right to A Mother and Father; Don't Redefine Marriage!"

And, I have to say, it was incredible!

I want to share with you a little bit of my experience in France: please click here to watch a brief video showing highlights of the rally.

I was proud to march with pro-marriage brothers and sisters of every background — Catholics, Christians, Muslims and Jews; even some gay individuals who are against gay marriage! — all marching for a single, united purpose: to defend the commonsense truth that marriage is a unique union of a man and a woman, because children need their mother and father.

Marriage supporter, please consider making a donation today to help NOM bring together a vast coalition of marriage supporters in America at precisely the moment when the Supreme Court is debating this historic case!

2013 is going to be a critical year for the future of marriage in America. Please stand with us today — take a moment to click the above link and watch this incredible, heartening new video; and then please consider making a generous donation to support NOM's work today.

UK Government Source: Teachers May Face Firing for Refusing to Teach Gay Marriage

The Christian Post:

As Great Britain's government prepares to vote on a bill legalizing same-sex marriage, an official from the Secretary of State for Education's office reportedly has expressed trepidation toward the bill, arguing that primary school teachers in the country could possibly lose their jobs if they do not teach about gay marriage in the classroom.

One unnamed senior source from the office of Michael Gove, who serves as the country's current Secretary of State for Education, has recently said that ultimately the U.K. government is not in control, should a teacher lose their job for refusing to teach same-sex marriage, and the case would ultimately go to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France, where the European Parliament is located.

... Additionally, those critical of the upcoming same-sex marriage bill argue that hospital chaplains and other people in authority may be faced with difficult decisions when their conscience conflicts with their work protocol.

Abp. Cordileone to Obama: Protecting Marriage is Not Discrimination

In response to the President's claim in his inaugural address that gay people are not equally protected under the law, Archbishop Cordileone, chairman of the Subcommittee for the Promotion and Defense of Marriage, said:

I honor the President’s concern for the equal dignity of every human being, including those that experience same-sex attraction, who like everyone else, must be protected against any and all violence and hatred.

But the marriage debate is not about equality under the law, but rather the very meaning of marriage. Marriage is the only institution that unites children with their mothers and fathers.

Protecting this understanding of marriage is not discrimination nor is it some kind of pronouncement on how adults live out their intimate relationships; it is standing for the common good.

... the equal right of all children to grow up knowing and being loved by their mother and father. I pray for the president and for all our nation’s leaders that they will grow to understand and support this enduring truth. (Marriage Unique for a Reason blog)