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Video: NOM's Eastman Responds to Democrats Blaming Victims for IRS Abuses

This video is quickly making the rounds today — it showcases our chairman Prof. John Eastman making very effective use of his time to underscore one of the causes of the systematic IRS abuses: “If you were impressed with Paul Ryan’s retort to Jim McDermott today in the House hearing on the IRS scandal, get your seatbelts […]

BuzzFeed: Moderate Democrats Walk Back Support for SSM in Face of Electoral Realities

Props to Buzzfeed for noticing that, while the media focuses on the very few Republicans who have abandoned the GOP platform on marriage, there are prominent Democratic Senators walking back from their previous support of SSM in the wake of recognizing their constituents strongly oppose SSM: One week after Republican Sen. Rob Portman declared his […]

New National Poll: Majority of Tea Party, Majority of GOP, 1/3rd of Democrats Support Marriage!

Forget the push polls offered by MSNBC and CNN claiming a clear majority support redefining marriage. We know from 34 actual state votes on marriage and scores of polling this is not true. A new national poll commissioned by Fox reflects the reality that redefining marriage is hardly a consensus or even a majority: American […]

National Organization for Marriage Pledges $500,000 to Defeat Any Republican Who Supports Same-Sex Marriage; Will Support Democrats Who Stand Firm for Traditional Marriage

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 25, 2013 Contact: Elizabeth Ray or Jen Campbell (703-683-5004) “Marriage is not a partisan issue, and NOM does not hesitate to oppose weak Republicans and support strong Democrats.”— Brian Brown, NOM president — Washington, D.C. — The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today pledged to spend $500,000 against any Republican legislator […]

Unified IL GOP and Conservative Democrats Score Victory in Lame Duck!

The message we need to repeat again and again is this: a unified Republican party allied with conservative Democrats can form a winning coalition to protect marriage — even in deep blue states like Illinois: Fox News political editor Mike Flannery just tweeted that Senate President John Cullerton’s spokesman says even though the Democrats have […]

Obama Gets Involved After Illinois Democrats Waver Over SSM

Gay marriage is not a done deal in Illinois, that’s why President Obama is getting involved to tip the scales among wavering Democrats who know their constituents do not support redefining marriage — this is another reason why it is so important for you to take action and contact your lawmakers if you live in Illinois: […]

Maryland Elections Board: 37% of Question 6 Signers Are Registered Democrats

This from the Maryland Marriage Alliance Facebook page: Of the 109,313 marriage petition signatures certified by the Board of Elections, only a little more than 53% of the signatories were Republican. Nearly 37% were Democrats, and the remaining 10% were unaffiliated voters and a smattering of Libertarians and Green Party members. Yes, marriage is an issue […]

Democrats Raise the Stakes on Marriage, NOM Marriage News

Dear Marriage Supporter, You and I know that marriage is not a partisan issue. We are Democrats, Republicans and Independents, coming together to support something bigger than party: God’s own truth about marriage. Sadly, though, the Democrat party this week officially and formally became the party of gay marriage. Yet, apparently still fearing public backlash […]

Georgia Columnist: "Support of Same-Sex Marriage May Hurt Democrats"

Jerry Haas writes in the Athens Banner-Herald: “…There has been a backlash among traditional Democratic supporters. The Rev. William Owens, president and founder of the Coalition of African American Pastors, with a membership of 3,742 black pastors, has stated that it is time for African Americans to rethink their support for Obama based on the […]

$1 Million GOP Campaign Asks Swing State Catholic Democrats if They Support Obama on Gay Marriage

From their press release: The Republican Union Pac launched a series of grassroots campaigns aimed at convincing conservative Democrat, Catholic voters to vote Republican in the November elections this fall.  Republican Union Pac’s million dollar expenditure is tailored to appeal to disenfranchised Democrats in economically-challenged, heavily Catholic neighborhoods within mid-sized to large cities in Florida, […]

Obama Still Quiet on Gay Marriage in Democrats' Platform

The Washington Times: Democrats are asking supporters to “stand with” President Obama and the Democratic Party in solidarity on gay marriage — even though the White House and Mr. Obama’s campaign repeatedly have declined to say whether the president supports efforts to write a gay-marriage plank in the party’s platform. …Mr. Obama earlier this year […]

Democrats Support for Gay Marriage Alienates Black Pastors

Scripps Howard News Service: Support for same-sex marriage is now in the Democratic Party preliminary platform. Once approved by the full platform committee and voted on at the convention, same-sex marriage will have the party’s formal support. But as Democrats institutionalize their support for same sex-marriage, their relationship with the party’s most loyal constituency, black […]

Gov. Huckabee: Gay Marriage "Sinking" Democrats

Ben Johnson of LifeSiteNews: The Democratic Party’s decision to adopt a platform embracing same-sex “marriage” “may end up sinking” the party, and hand Mitt Romney the issue he needs to energize Republican voters in the fall, according to one of his former rivals. Former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee told AFR Talk’s “Today’s Issues” yesterday the […]

NOM's Peters Reacts to News of Democrats Embracing SSM in Their Platform

OneNewsNow: “…Thirty-two states have defined marriage as between one man and one woman, prohibiting recognition of marriage in any other form. Thomas Peters of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) tells OneNewsNow that President Obama and his party are apparently forgetting that. “He’s reopening a can of worms that the voters in these states all kind […]

235 Republicans & 17 Democrats Vote to Prevent Violations of DOMA

The Hill: The House has approved an amendment to the 2013 defense spending bill that would prohibit the Department of Defense from using any money in the bill to violate the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).  The amendment, from Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), was approved 247-166, one of dozens of amendments the House was considering […]