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60 Democrats Refuse to Join Efforts to Repeal DOMA

The media prefers to focus on lack of unanimity in the Republican party on marriage, but the truth of the matter is that there are pro-marriage Democrats as well: One third of House Democrats broke with their leaders today and kept their names off a brief urging a federal appeals court to strike down the […]

Montana Democrats Endorse SSM

The Helena Independent Record: Delegates to the Montana Democratic Party platform convention went on record unanimously Saturday for repealing Montana’s constitutional ban on gay marriages. Without any debate, they supported striking existing platform language advocating legal protection for same-sex civil unions and offering those couples the same legal benefits and responsibilities granted to other individuals […]

AP: North Carolina a Political Headache for Democrats (Because of Marriage)

The Associated Press: Once a bright spot for President Barack Obama, North Carolina is now more like a political migraine less than four months before Democrats open the party’s national convention in Charlotte. … When Democrats announced the choice in February 2011, they said selecting the Southern city signaled Obama’s intent to fight hard for […]

NOM's Peters: Socially Conservative Democrats Will "Jump Ship" Over Obama's Marriage Betrayal

NOM’s Thomas Peters in Politico: “…social conservatives remain convinced that black voters and Hispanic voters will be demoralized by Obama’s flop. “There’s a heck of a lot of socially conservative minorities that are part of the Democratic coalition — his coalition — that will jump ship,” said Thomas Peters, the cultural director for the National […]

National Journal: Democrats Having Second Thoughts About Charlotte?

National Journal: Democrats who already were queasy about the site of their national convention could be excused after Tuesday’s election in North Carolina if they asked, “Tell me again just why we’re going to Charlotte this year?” In fact, many Democrats privately are asking exactly that after the state’s voters overwhelmingly approved a measure outlawing […]

National Journal: NC Vote for Marriage a "Warning for Obama and Democrats"

Alex Roart of the National Journal: “The overwhelming North Carolina vote to define marriage as legal only between a man and woman is an unequivocal reminder that gay marriage remains unappealing in many parts of the country… That’s a warning for President Obama, who is currently positioned somewhere between supporters of gay marriage – who […]

"Black Churchgoers Break with Leading Democrats on Marriage Amendment"

The Charlotte Observer: Bishop Phillip Davis had not planned to talk about marriage and politics, but five minutes into his sermon at Nations Ford Community Church in Charlotte he changed his mind. Not only should the 6,000 members of the overwhelmingly African-American congregation pray with one voice, he said, come May 8 they should vote […]

California Democrats Offer to Help Impose San Francisco Values on North Carolina Voters

Via LGBT Point of View: Statement of California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton on President Obama’s Opposition to Discriminatory Same-Sex Marriage Ban in North Carolina: California Democrats proudly support President Obama for taking a stand against a divisive ballot amendment that seeks to codify discrimination against same-sex couples into North Carolina’s constitution. As Democrats across […]

New Hampshire GOP Senator Breaks It Down: Democrats Who Voted for SSM Lost in 2010

New Hampshire Republican State Senator Fenton Groen in the Concord Monitor argues that Democratic supporters of gay marriage were “turned out of office” in 2010 after voting to redefine marriage the year before: In the next few weeks the New Hampshire House and Senate will debate and vote on HB 437, the bill that will […]

Breaking News: NH Journal Reports On Democrats Caught Staffing Group Posing as GOP-Friendly SSM Organization

We’ve seen this before, gay marriage activists attempting to fake more bi-partisan support for redefining marriage than actually exists. The New Hampshire Journal with the scoop: The national gay marriage lobby group behind Standing Up for New Hampshire Families has privately used New Hampshire Democrats to volunteer and staff their activities despite posing for months […]

CNN Politics: Same-Sex Marriage Trouble for the Democrats?

CNN Politics: Same-sex marriage could become a nettlesome issue for Democrats this election year. On Wednesday the Chair of the Democratic Convention, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, said he believes same-sex marriage should be included in the Democratic Party platform but the Obama campaign is trying to put the issue off to another day. Democrats […]

Dan Rivoli: Same-Sex Marriage Supporters Crashing the Democrats' Party

Dan Rivoli in the International Business Times: As Democrats continue to etablish same-sex marriage in states across the U.S., one group advocating for nationwide marriage equality says it is time to make it official: put same-sex marriage on the party platform. “The Democratic Party at its best is a leader in standing against all forms […]

Young Democrats Endorse Gay Marriage Plank in 2012

More pressure for Democrats to “come out” for gay marriage? From a Young Democrats of America press release: Today, Young Democrats of America’s Executive Director Emily Tisch Sussman … [endorsed] language proposed by Freedom to Marry as part of its Democrats: Say I Do campaign calling on the national party to include a freedom to marry plank […]

Brian Brown says if Democratic Party Endorses SSM "Democrats Will Lose Seats"

The Hill interviewed our President Brian Brown on the proposal recently endorsed by Nancy Pelosi to include same-sex marriage in the Democratic Party platform: …“It’s an unmitigated disaster for the Democratic Party,” said Brian Brown, the president of the National Organization for Marriage, which opposes gay marriage. “This may play well in San Francisco, but […]

Is Nancy Pelosi Signalling A Messy, Major Platform Fight for Democrats Over SSM?

Alexander Burns Of Politico reports on news first published in the gay press: House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi supports a pro-gay marriage plank in the 2012 Democratic platform, her spokesman Drew Hammill confirms to POLITICO. … The proposed plank states: “We support the full inclusion of all families in the life of our nation, with […]