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Republicans Say WA Democrats Are Ignoring Key Task of Budget to Push SSM

The Seattle Times: Republican lawmakers Wednesday decried what they say is slow action on progress to close a $1 billion budget gap. In a meeting with reporters, House and Senate GOP leaders said too much time has been spent on hot-button issues from gay marriage to plastic-bag bans to abolishing the death penalty. The legislative […]

Sen. Diaz: "Very Good Chance" Democrats Will Lose Ex-Sen. Kruger Seat

In a letter to his fellow Democrat Senators in New York: “I am not a political analyst, I am not a political consultant, neither am I a political strategist, but looking at our recent situation as Democrats in the New York State Senate, I cannot refrain from putting in my two cents.” “Can our leadership […]

Ron Paul Favorite of Democrats Voting in Iowa Caucuses

Ron Paul leads in the new Public Policy Polling poll (PDF) among likely Iowa caucus goers, but only because he’s earning the lion’s share of Democrats and independents who say they plan to vote in the GOP primary:

Texas Democrats Decide Not to Place Non-Binding Resolution on Gay Marriage on Primary Ballot

The Dallas Voice: Democrats in Texas won’t get to vote next year on whether they support same-sex marriage, after the party’s Executive Committee shot down a proposal to place a non-binding resolution on the March 2012 primary ballot. Meeting in the capital on Saturday, Nov. 19, the State Democratic Executive Committee voted 33-22 against placing […]

Democrats Push DOMA Repeal – TIME TO FIGHT BACK!

Dear Marriage Supporter, Led by liberal San Francisco Senator Dianne Feinstein, Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee passed the (Dis)Respect for Marriage Act (S. 598) today on a 10-8 vote. The party-line vote, with all 10 committee Democrats voting to repeal DOMA and the 8 Republicans voting to protect DOMA, sets the stage for a […]

Election Results Show Golding Won on Election Day; Democrats Won on Absentee Ballots

Lyle Muller at the Iowa Gazette: Run down the tallies by precinct from Tuesday’s voting [in Iowa’s special senate election] and you’ll see Republican Cindy Golding holding serve in several precincts. In fact, she collected 415 more votes from people going to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 8, than Democrat Liz Mathis received. Yet, she […]

Democrats Push Repeal of DOMA on Party Line Vote

The Associated Press: Senate Democrats who back gay marriage have decided now is the time to repeal a federal law defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman. The Democrats may satisfy their gay marriage supporters, but the bill won’t get very far. The repeal could be approved by the Senate Judiciary […]

71% of West Virginians Support Marriage, Including 61% of Democrats

The support numbers for same-sex marriage are even lower. Public Policy Polling: “Only 19% of voters think gay marriage should be legal compared to 71% who think it should be illegal. Even among Democrats there’s just 26% support to 61% opposed.”

Ripple Effect: NY Democrats Worried About Getting "Weprined" for Their SSM Support Next Election

David Weprin’s historic loss, precipitated by his support for gay marriage, has other Democrats in the empire state spooked, The New York Capitol News reports: Some Democratic sources claim Councilman Lew Fidler is worried last night’s election returns imperil his expected bid to replace indicted Sen. Carl Kruger. Many Brooklyn neighborhoods where Turner performed strongest […]

Democrats to Drop Half a Million Dollars to Try to Save Weprin in NY-9

Big money coming in: Democrats are showing the clearest sign yet of concern ahead of next Tuesday’s special election in New York’s 9th District – the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is going up on air with an expensive television buy in the campaign’s closing days.According to buy information obtained by Hotline On Call, the DCCC has […]

NY GOP Insider on Private SSM Negotiations: Cuomo, Democrats Were "Tail Wagging the Dog"

The New York Capital News reports on the frustration of many in the NY GOP at how the SSM bill was handled in their final closed-door meeting: Some Republicans grumble that Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos should have used his power to block Cuomo more often—such as by refusing to bring same-sex marriage up for a […]

Maggie Gallagher: "Democrats are Loyal to Their Core, New York’s Republican Party Abandoned Theirs."

NRO’s Kathryn Lopez interviews NOM Chairman Maggie Gallagher on New York, and the next steps in the fight to win marriage: NOM’s next immediate challenge is to get a vote reversing gay marriage in New Hampshire — to show once again, as we did in Maine, that history is not unidirectional. In New York, we […]

NY Senate Rules Changed Mid-Stream to Accommodate Democrats' Desire for Media Publicity

This is how deeply complicit the GOP leadership in NY was in passing gay marriage: they even changed the senate rules several times in a day, and silenced senators who wanted to speak — in order to vote in time for the 11 p.m. news: Essentially the Senate rules were changed in a backroom agreement […]

Democrats & Pro-SSM Sen. Alesi Starting To Worry SSM Won't Happen

Reuters reports Democrats –and one of the two Republican Senators who have caved and say they will support the bill – are getting worried: Some lawmakers backing same-sex marriage in New York began voicing doubts on Friday whether a bill to legalize gay nuptials would come up for a vote before the state legislature breaks […]

Update: Democrats Agree on Religious Liberty Language

But despite the misleading headlines, the Republicans have yet decided. Don’t stop contacting your senators! The Cuomo administration and legislative leaders have reached agreement on language that would protect religious institutions from obligations to recognize same-sex marriage, two people involved in the negotiations said on Friday afternoon, potentially paving the way for a vote on […]