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Today's the Day New Jersey! Vote for Steve Lonegan in the Special Election!

A Race to Win

Dear Marriage Supporter, Please be sure to vote in the special election tomorrow Wednesday October 16th — and when you do, cast your vote for Steve Lonegan. Steve Lonegan is a true social conservative who will protect and promote marriage, life, and religious liberties on the national stage. And Steve Lonegan supports the right of […]

Watch What We've Been Up To

Dear Marriage Supporter, Good morning from the Values Voter Summit in Washington, DC! I just wanted to give you an update on what NOM has been up to recently before taking the stage in a few hours. This morning at 10:45 am Eastern Time, I’ll appear on a panel with Tony Perkins of the Family […]

Heading to A Dead Heat in New Jersey

Dear Marriage Supporter, No, I’m not talking about Governor Christie’s reelection race next month. I’m talking about the US Senate special election in New Jersey next week. Marriage, life, and family values are on the ballot in New Jersey one week from yesterday on October 16th — and every marriage champion across the country can […]

Get Active

Dear Marriage Supporter, The next month is vital for the future of marriage in Illinois. Same-sex ‘marriage’ advocates have been working around the clock to gather votes — but now it’s our turn. G.K. Chesterton wrote: “…an ordinary man and an ordinary woman and their ordinary children literally alter the destiny of nations.” While gay […]

The Script Repeats...

Dear Marriage Supporter, Same-sex ‘marriage’ radicals are at it again… the latest example comes from Chicago. In what Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute called “a stunning admission” openly homosexual Democratic State Representative Greg Harris of Chicago, outright admitted in a public debate that the proposed law in Illinois redefining marriage did NOT provide […]

Holding Their Feet to the Fire

Dear Marriage Supporter, Well, the big news this week of course is the lawsuit that NOM filed just yesterday against the Internal Revenue Service for unlawful disclosure by one or more IRS employees of our confidential tax return information, including the identities of our major donors. Worse, the information went to our chief political opponent […]


Dear Marriage Supporter, I have some breaking news for you! Today, NOM filed suit against the IRS over the leak of our confidential tax documents from their offices and to discover how these documents got into the hands of our chief political opponent, the Human Rights Campaign in March 2012. It’s a felony to release […]

Preserve the Constitution

Dear Marriage Supporter, NOM’s chairman, Professor John Eastman, will be speaking at the Heritage Foundation about ‘Political Speech and the IRS: Protecting the First Amendment.’ One of the first casualties of redefining marriage is the First Amendment — there is no guaranteed remedy to protect our religious liberties except to not redefine marriage in the […]

Fantastic News!

Dear Marriage Supporter, You may have missed it since the news just came through on Friday, but House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa announced that he is officially investigating how NOM’s confidential tax files were stolen from within the IRS and provided to the Human Rights Campaign. This is fantastic news… not just for NOM […]

They Can Hear You

Dear Marriage Supporter, It’s been a very busy week on every level in the defense of marriage and religious freedom — from the City Council in Richmond, VA to the United States Congress, marriage champions like you have been called upon to stand for the truth of God’s design for marriage and family. And you […]

"Where's NOM?" We're Right Here Where We've Always Been

Serial, frivolous case-filer and NOM obsessive Fred Karger had a question for me yesterday on Twitter: PA Pastor fired for marrying gay couple Where's NOM? @maggiemarriage @briansbrown What about "Religious Freedom?"— Fred Karger (@fredkarger) September 26, 2013 So I replied: @fredkarger this IS #religiousfreedom: the congregation is free to choose its pastor based on […]

Keep Up the Good Work

Dear Marriage Supporter, You may have heard media reports in the past week that the sponsors of the same-sex ‘marriage’ bill are reconsidering their strategy of calling the bill for a vote during the veto session this fall. This is good news, but we can’t let up yet. It means that your efforts — the […]

Gutting the Republican Party

Dear Marriage Supporter, As you know, NOM is engaged in fights to defend marriage in Congress as well as in states all across the country. And one of the most frustrating things I repeatedly run in to is Republicans who are pressured, bullied and cowed into silence by a small but powerful faction that is […]

Don't Veto the Voters

Dear Marriage Supporter, Same-sex marriage activists are working hard to drum up the votes required to override Governor Christie’s veto of a bill (2012-S1) that would have redefined marriage in New Jersey. While they may be working quietly and behind the scenes, you can be sure that this small but very powerful and well financed […]