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The Politicization of the IRS Must Be Stopped

The politicization of the IRS (and other law enforcement agencies of the federal government) is a dangerous development, a threat to the liberty of every citizen, and it needs to be stopped.  NOM’s lawsuit is an important step in that effort. Today NOM filed suit against the IRS for the criminal release of its confidential […]

"The IRS Needs to Pay" - NOM to File Suit Today

At The Washington Times, Stephen Dinan reports that “The National Organization for Marriage will sue the IRS on Thursday, saying it has evidence that someone within the agency leaked the organization’s private donor list to its political enemies in 2012 but that nobody has been held responsible” [emphasis added]. Dinan spoke to attorney Cleta Mitchell of […]

Eviscerating our First Amendment Freedoms

“It’s an evisceration of our freedom of association,” said John Eastman, the chairman of the National Organization for Marriage… We’ve been saying for years that one of the first casualties when you redefine marriage are our first amendment rights of religious liberty, free speech, and association.  Now even the mainstream media has picked up on […]

House Oversight to Investigate "Apparently Politically Driven Leak"

At NRO’s The Corner, Eliana Johnson reports that the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, headed by Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Ca.), will be investigating the politically-motivated targeting of conservative groups by the I.R.S., and particularly the leak of NOM’s confidential tax documents to Human Rights Campaign: Issa and subcommittee chairman Jim Jordan notified Treasury Department inspector […]

More Fallout from the Supreme Court's Rulings

The fallout from this summer’s Supreme Court ruling in the Windsor case continues to accumulate. This week Leanna Baumer on the Family Research Center Blog discussed a little noticed Department of Labor ruling: The latest agency to ignore the majority of states’ laws on this topic is the Department of Labor. Last week, DOL issued […]

Are you 'Monogamish'? A 'Throuple'? Or in a 'Wedlease'?

Those are are some of the new terms coined in recent years as a result of society’s new outlook on ‘marriage.’  Where marriage was defined by monogamy, a man-woman couple, and permanence, new threats to the unique and critical nature of the institution have exacted a heavy cost on our social fabric. The Heritage Foundation’s […]

A Small But Important Victory

According to reports, “The Richmond City Council gave itself at least another month to think over a proposal to allow spousal health benefits for non-married partners of employees.” That’s the quote, but the truth is they gave themselves another month to think over a proposal that would redefine marriage in the City of Richmond if […]

Undoing the Myth of Inevitability

Kellie Fiedorek at the Alliance Defending Freedom has a great piece in American Thinker this morning as to why states’ laws and constitutional amendments defining marriage as one man and one woman are completely constitutional and should not be overturned by the US Supreme Court despite efforts by those who would redefine marriage.  She writes… […]

Military Chaplaincy Remains a Major Front in Battle Over Marriage

Yesterday, from Deseret News, a story about the continuing battle surrounding our military’s chaplain services in the wake of the Supreme Court’s fateful DOMA decision this past June: The Catholic Church has joined Southern Baptists in directing its military chaplains not to witness or bless same-sex marriages nor offer marriage counseling to gay couples. The rules […]

New Mexico GOP Files Amicus Brief in Defense of Marriage

Following the lawless actions of certain county clerks in New Mexico issuing illicit ‘marriage’ licenses to same-sex couples, a case has been working its way through the court system there and is due to be heard by the New Mexico Supreme Court on October 23rd. New Mexico’s Attorney General, Gary King, is refusing to defend […]

Airman Punished for Speaking Out on Marriage

We told you before about Air Force Senior Master Sergeant Phillip Monk, who claims that he has faced retaliatory actions by his command as a result of his refusing to speak favorably about same-sex marriage. Well, he is back in the news again, because now – merely for speaking to the press about his ordeal […]

The Difference Between a "Platform" and a "Forum"?

Providence College, a Roman Catholic higher education institution in Rhode Island, made news this week when it cancelled a planned speaking event for same-sex marriage advocate John Corvino. The New York Times reports: The event at Providence College was initially planned as a solo lecture, though Mr. Corvino said he suggested that it be a debate and […]

"Family Friendly" Apparently Offends Some

Many in the gay marriage movement claim that they have no desire to force their lifestyle on anyone else, they only want the freedom to love and marry whomever they wish. But sometimes this carefully-crafted claim is undermined by the real-world actions of the homosexual community itself. An example of this was seen last week, […]

Grappling With the Arguments

Oregon PolitiChick State Director Maggie Wilson-Mars writes at the PolitiChicks blog about “The Very Real Slippery Slope of Gay Marriage.” Wilson-Mars is a Mormon woman and a conservative with a homosexual son with whom she often argues about same-sex marriage – with him arguing against it, and her in favor. Throughout her piece she is dismissive of many of the […]

Voting With Our Wallets

Did you know that Starbucks was recently reported to be perceived as the most LGBT-friendly brand in the U.S.? JCPenney, Target, Apple and Amazon round out the top five. If you’ve been following the national marriage battle over the past 18 months this should come as no surprise. Starbucks has said that gay ‘marriage’ is […]