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What "WE DO" Does

The “WE DO” Campaign — a project of a group called The Campaign for Southern Equality — is an effort to rally same-sex couples across the South and nationwide to show up at their local clerk’s office to request marriage licenses in places where marriage law still upholds the traditional and biblical definition of marriage […]

Catholic Bishop Speaks Out Against Anti-Christian Bigotry

In an interview with blogger William J. Kelly at Illinois Review, Bishop Thomas Paprocki of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield, IL, warned against an increasingly tendency of anti-Christian bigotry in our culture, saying: “We still have the First Amendment of our Constitution but that is being sorely tested.” In the video interview, Paprocki spoke specifically […]

"Albany, where even transparency is discussed in secret"

The New York Times reports on the New York State Ethics Commission’s questionable handling of requests for exemption from a state law, now two years old, that forces non-profits that engage in lobbying to turn over names of donors. The recent dust-up comes after the commission voted to provide an exemption to Naral Pro-Choice New York. […]

PA Lawmakers Condemn Illegal Marriage Licensing by Montgomery County

The Office of General Counsel for Governor Corbett’s administration in Pennsylvania has responded in a statement to the recent lawlessness in Montgomery County. From the Beaver County Times: “Individual elected officials cannot pick and choose which laws to enforce,” Nils Hagen-Frederiksen, press secretary for Corbett’s Office of General Counsel, said in a statement. “All officials are […]

TAKE ACTION! Urge Congress to Hold the IRS Accountable for Illegal Actions

There is an important piece of legislation gaining steam in Congress that you should be aware of: HR 2565: The STOP IRS Act. This bill is part of an ongoing process to hold the IRS accountable for felony targeting of political enemies and gross mismanagement. Click here to look up your Representative and write to […]

Airman Punished for Objecting to Gay Marriage in Military Chapel

Todd Starnes of FoxNews Radio: A 27-year veteran of the Utah Air National Guard said he was reprimanded after he wrote an email objecting to a gay wedding in the West Point chapel and was later told to prepare for retirement because his personal beliefs about homosexuality were not compatible with the military’s policies. “The […]

Thomas More Society Defending Illinois Marriage Law

The Thomas More Society is defending Illinois’ marriage law in court after state officials refused to do so: “Opponents of a lawsuit challenging Illinois’ gay marriage ban say the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the federal Defense of Marriage Act won’t change their legal strategy. The Thomas More Society represents Illinois county clerks defending […]

Anderson: Calling and Witness, Holiness and Truth in the Fight to Protect Marriage

These remarks were delivered by Ryan Anderson on Thursday June 11, 2013 in Laguna Nigel at the closing banquet of Alliance Defending Freedom’s Academy: Thank you, Alliance Defending Freedom, for your heroic work defending life, marriage, and liberty. During the past year it has been a blessing to work together on marriage. It’s been a […]

Ed Morrissey on GOP Responding to IRS Leaking NOM's Tax Returns

Edward Morrissey writes in The Fiscal Times: Outrage over political targeting on tax-exempt applications from conservative groups, as well as selective leaking of confidential tax information of the National Organization for Marriage to its political foes, has given the GOP a chance to express its fundamental antipathy toward taxes and the intrusive manner in which […]

Anderson: Civility, Bullying and Same-Sex Marriage

Ryan Anderson asks the question “Will government discriminate against those who believe marriage is the union of a man and woman?”: Fourteen months ago, President Obama was a bigot. Now he is simply wrong. That’s what you have to believe to agree with Justice Anthony M. Kennedy’s majority opinion for the Supreme Court on the […]

Anderson: Bad Things Happen to Children When Marriage is Redefined

Gay marriage activists have taken to claiming that redefining marriage will help children. Ryan Anderson responds that the opposite is true: Marriage is society’s best way of ensuring the well-being of children. State recognition of marriage protects children, we saw yesterday, by encouraging men and women to commit permanently and exclusively to each other and […]

Peters on SSM Proponents: "They're Hugely Overplaying Their Hand"

NOM’s Thomas Peters responds in an interview with Reuters to a new plan by gay marriage activists to target four states next: Opponents of same-sex marriage called the Freedom to Marry’s four-state strategy overly optimistic. “They’re hugely overplaying their hand,” said Thomas Peters, a spokesman for the National Organization for Marriage, which opposes gay marriage. […]

Davenport: Is Gay Marriage The Product Of Judicial Activism?

David Davenport, a fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University’s policy think tank, for Forbes: “…What is judicial activism? There are lots of opinions on that, but none is definitive. Apparently the origin of the term came not in a legal opinion at all, but in a 1947 Fortunemagazine article by historian Arthur Schlesinger in […]

Colorado Baker Faces Year in Jail for Refusing to Make Cake for Gay Wedding

Examiner: According to attorney Nicolle Martin, the owners of a Colorado bakery could face a year in prison for refusing to make a cake for a gay wedding, Jim Hoft reported at the Gateway Pundit Monday. “The complainants can sue him civilly in the regular courts system or he can potentially be prosecuted by the […]

Jonah Goldberg: Not Paranoid To Call Out IRS Abuse of NOM

Jonah Goldberg’s latest syndicated column: “…Then there’s the IRS. We already have evidence of abuse there. For instance, the National Organization for Marriage, which opposes same-sex marriage, had its tax returns and private donor information leaked to the news media last year, presumably in order to embarrass Mitt Romney (he gave the group $10,000) and […]